Hell On Mars - Beta v.1.0.2

TL;DR: Updating Unity broke our build :(

After updating Unity to version 5.6.1f1, several of our scripts straight up broke. Something went wrong with all OnBecameVisible/Invisible functions, in which we heavily relied on for spawning/respawning. No worries though, a couple hours later we were able to fix the game, and even update it a little.

The platforms now have a one-way collision (which realistically, they already should have), meaning you can jump up while directly under the platform and only collide when descending.

You can no longer run off-screen. Not quite sure how we missed this one before. Oops.

That's about all for this update. More to come soon, enjoy!


HellOnMars-v1-0-2.rar 15 MB
May 14, 2017

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